As part of our recovery plan, we would like to introduce you to our new complaints team who will be delivering our new way of working to support you.

The complaints team will now deal with all complaints from start to finish to ensure an unbiased investigation into your complaint, instead of the complaints being investigated and answered by department managers. We are very much customer focused to serve you!

  • All stage one responses will be dealt with by our four Complaints resolution officers: Molly Broome, Christina Hallissey, Kate Lloyd and Tim Bright
  • All stage two responses and Housing Ombudsman requests will be dealt with by our Senior Complaints Resolution Officer, Julie Hartshorn

To find out how to make a complaint and provide feedback to RBH, visit our dedicated page.

About Our Team

Molly has joined us from Greater Manchester Police where she gained a great knowledge on negotiating and how to manage expectations. She is excited to be part of RBH and is passionate about communication and inclusion for all our tenants.

Tina has come from a complaints background in retail and thrives on getting resolution for customers. Tina enjoys a challenge and is always wanting to support everyone. She has a unique ability to break things down and simplify what is needed.

Kate has both a complaints background as well as a strong customer service skills. Kate is proactive and likes to think outside the box. She is calm and collected and can put anyone at ease. She shows caring and understanding for any problems.

Tim has been with RBH for a few years and has made some excellent progress for our customers and internal teams. Tim has an ability to ensure that things are aligned with policy and procedure and supports everyone with his knowledge of the service.

Julie is the Senior Complaints Lead. She has extensive knowledge of housing and a diverse range of skills. Julie is committed to using all our complaints and compliments to drive service improvements throughout the organisation.