Asbestos do’s & don’ts

  • The Do's
    • Do take every precaution to avoid damaging Asbestos materials or Asbestos containing products.
    •  Do damp down damaged/disturbed Asbestos until it can be removed
    •  Do keep activities to an absolute minimum in areas where damaged material may contain Asbestos.
    • Do have removal and repair of Asbestos containing materials done by people trained and qualified in handling Asbestos. We suggest that qualified and established companies also carry out the taking of samples for analysis and Asbestos surveys. (Relevant only to right to buy purchasers).
  • The Don'ts
    • Don’t dust, sweep or vacuum debris that may contain Asbestos.
    • Don’t saw, sand scrape or drill holes in Asbestos materials.
    • Don’t trample or mess from materials that contain Asbestos through the house. It will result in other furnishings being contaminated
      and potentially more people being put at risk.
    • Don’t put Asbestos waste in your wheelie bin – contact RBH’s Asbestos team for advice on the correct disposal procedure.
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