Congratulations to our new Representatives!


At our Annual Members' Meeting on Wednesday 15th September, we announced the results of our 2021 Representative Body elections.

We're proud to be a mutual housing society, co-owned by our tenant and employee members. Our elected Representatives make sure that our members are always at the heart of RBH. They set out our priorities - what we do, and how we do it - by approving our Corporate Strategy, and they appoint all our Non-executive Directors to the RBH Board.

  • Your newly-elected tenant Representatives are: Donna Chadwick, Muhammed Ansari, Andrew Johnson, Jane Taylor, Pamela Radcliffe, Debra Anderson, Agata Gorczyca, Suzie Ross, Barry Haycox, Brian Wood, Donald Ferguson, Mack McKenzie, and Clifford Byram-Leech.
  • Your newly-elected employee Representatives are: Alex Allen, Jan Begum, James Coutts, Stephen Edwards, Bede Nicholson, and Jonathan Wenn.

Congratulations to all our new Representatives, and a big thank you to everyone who put their name forward to be a candidate, and everyone who took part in the elections by using their vote!

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