E.R. Williams move to new premises

WS 4B Suppliers

We're really pleased to have helped our friends at E.R. Williams (Painting Contractors) Ltd with the move to their new home on Buckley Road.

We're proud to have a longstanding relationship with E.R. Williams who have delivered a fantastic service to many RBH tenants over the years. We love working with local businesses who share our values - E.R. Williams have been part of the Rochdale community for over five decades.

We have now acquired the previous E.R. Williams site on Toad Lane as part of our wider plans to deliver the homes that current and future residents in central Rochdale need and expect. We look forward to sharing our plans for the site in the near future.

When we first became aware of the need to relocate, it was a daunting prospect, having been situated in the town centre with the historic address of Toad Lane since 1987. However, Gemma and her team have supported us throughout the move, and we are now delighted to be settled into our new premises on Buckley Road Industrial Estate. We look forward to seeing the new homes built and the regeneration it will bring to the area.

Ruth Walton E.R. Williams Company Secretary

I'm looking forward to visiting the E.R. Williams team in their fantastic new premises and to continue our working relationship with them for the benefit of our communities. By acquiring this site on Toad Lane, we'll be able to deliver even more new high-quality homes in central Rochdale.

Gemma Wood RBH Head of Development and Regeneration
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