We want to ensure that play opportunities are created that allow children and young people to explore, manipulate, experience, and affect their environment within challenging settings, free from unacceptable levels of risk.

We will make sure our playground surfaces have at least, 12 inches of wood chips, mulch, sand, or pea gravel, or mats made of safety-tested rubber or rubber-like materials.

We inspect our play areas every six weeks and our caretaking service carry out a clean very two weeks. If you would like to report a fault or any issues please contact us.

Site locations across our Neighbourhoods

  • Tennyson Rd, Middleton
  • Springfield Street, Heywood
  • Back of the Moss, Multi Use Games Area
  • Back of the Moss Community Centre
  • Denehurst Rd Cycle track
  • Denehurst Rd Multi Use Games Area
  • The Dell, Daniel Fold
  • Lower Falinge Multi Use Games Area
  • Freehold Multi Use Games Area
  • Freehold play area near Conisbrough
  • Turfhill Multi Use Games Area
  • Neston Rd
  • Pioneers Park Lower Falinge, play area
  • Eafield Road
  • Eafield Road Multi Use Games Area
  • Cedar Lane
  • Stansfield estate
  • Smallbridge
  • Bury New Road
  • Birch View
  • Denholme Road, play area
  • Denholme Road, Multi Use Games Area
  • Freehold, Olney
  • Smallbridge Multi Use Games Area
  • Smallbridge Cycle Track                                                                              

Help us to keep your playgrounds and muti use games areas safe and tidy.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.          

No Alcohol or glass bottles.

No Dogs allowed.