Open Spaces

Our open spaces provide much needed nutrition for local wildlife.

Our aim is simply to increase the amount of wildflower and trees on our estates to support increased biodiversity and reduce our carbon footprint when maintaining our outdoor areas.

Where we have created wildflower areas the grounds team will mow a two-meter strip around the outside of all areas as well as through the middle for you to use.

If you would like us to consider Bee Zones  in your local area, please contact us with details for consideration.

By making these changes we hope wildflowers and wildlife like bees and other insects that depend on them will flourish and thrive in your local area, and local people can connect with nature as the area grows.

Why have we done this.

Our Neighbourhood Environment team is committed to making your local area a great place to live and improving the biodiversity of green spaces among its priorities.

These new nature friendly zones will help us deliver on these aims, reduce our carbon emissions, and support our work to create an attractive environment for you to live in.