We have approximately 12,000 trees across the borough and are committed to providing a healthy and abundant tree stock.

We see our tree stock as a valuable asset as they contribute to our health and well being by absorbing carbon monoxide, providing shade and reducing airborne pollutants.

However, a careful balance is required between maintaining trees in the right places whilst minimising any risk of harm.

We have a tree maintenance programme which aims to:

  • Maintain a healthy tree stock with a diverse age and class to make full use of the environmental, social and economic benefits this brings.
  • Fulfil our statutory duty of care and corporate objectives on health and safety through engaging in proactive and proportionate tree risk management.
  • Set transparent systems and strategies to address customers’ requests and enquiries about trees, and focus on finding solutions to deal with tree problems.

All our tree stock has been surveyed and we now have a full directory of trees in our neighbourhoods, including exact location, species and current condition.

In line with best practice,  2023 we also carried out an update to our stock information including number tagging all our trees.

All our work is carried out by a professional arboriculture team who also provide a 24 hour emergency call out service.

Our Tree Work Priorities

Dead, diseased or dangerous trees

Dangerous or unstable trees or branches that are likely to cause injury

Trees obstructing the highway or public footpaths

Trees causing or highly likely to cause significant damage to property

Trees causing severe shading or other nuisance

Trees causing structural damage.   

Trees will not be pruned or felled due to the following issues below:

  • Shade
  • Pollen/leaves
  • Bird droppings
  • Obstruction of view
  • Utility obstruction which is the responsibility of the utility company   
  • Problems with reception such as Wi-Fi